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Believe Me ♦ October 01, 2014

Check out this great interview of BREATHEcast with Alex, where they talk about his recently released film, Believe Me.

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Events ♦ September 20, 2014

I’ve added 2 photos of Alex attending the MUSE Exhibition at De Re Gallery last September 18th to the gallery.

Update (September 27th): Updated these two photos with HQ version!

Gallery Link:
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Events / Photoshoots and Portraits ♦ September 12, 2014

I’ve added pictures of Alex at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival for the premiere of Cut Snake to the gallery, which includes 2 photos from an event, and portraits taken at the festival.

Gallery Links:
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Cut Snake / Interview ♦ September 10, 2014

Check out CraveOnline interview with Alex, wherein he talks about Cut Snake, and some more good stuff.

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Cut Snake / Interview ♦ September 06, 2014

Check out The Star’s interview with Alex, wherein he discusses Cut Snake, which is set to premiere in the Toronto International Film Festival.

What drew you to the role of Sparra?
I read the script, it was very compelling, loved the character, la-di-da, all the things that draw you in when you’re reading something and you’re going, “yes, I want to play that.” Then about halfway through, there’s the big twist and when that happened, I was blown away. I found it so shocking and unexpected but I didn’t feel in any way that it was self-indulgent or precious. It actually made the first part of the film make sense in a grander and more heightened way and in a deeper way. It knocked the wind out of me.

How would you describe the character?
I would describe Sparra as an inherently good human being who’s trying to escape his dark history purely and simply because he wants to be a better person. I think when people want to be a better person, that shows their true colours. If they really are trying, then I think that says a heck of a lot and it’s not to be discounted.

How did you prepare for the role?
I did do research. I listened to a lot of ’70s music throughout my day. I tried to invest myself into the ’70s, into that time and that way of thinking. I don’t often do massive character biographies. It’s something that helps a lot of people. I don’t usually do it but in this case, I did and I felt it really helped.

Any impressions about Toronto/TIFF?
It’s my second time at TIFF and my third time here. We shot Carrie here two years ago so I was here for like almost three months and I just fell in love with it. I love the people, I love the coffee. You can actually get coffee here like in Australia here, which is more than I can say about the States. The United States does many things very, very well and better than Australia does them but coffee is not one of them.

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Site Updates ♦ August 28, 2014

Hello and welcome to Alex Russell Network, your first and ultimate online resource dedicated to Alex Russell. You may know him for his roles in several films such as Chronicle and Carrie.

This site aims to provide you with the latest news, photos, and more. There’s not much in the gallery yet though since he didn’t attend that much events and had done that much photoshoots, but I’m hoping to be able to work on filling the gallery up soon. Anyway, thank you for visiting the site and I hope you give it a visit again for the latest updates on Alex!

You can also follow us on Twitter for updates. :)

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